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Remembering Your Way Home

A 6-module soul journey of remembering, returning, resourcing, and reclaiming

The Journey of Remembering...

Our greatest shared wounding as a human collective is our separation from our true nature. We come from love and to love we must return, but the moment that we separate from our soul's home, and then are ejected from our first home as a being on earth—our mother's womb—we enter the land of the forgetting.

We unconsciously walk this earth forgetting who we are, what we are capable of, and what our soul's true purpose is as we spiral through karmic cycles, the density of Earth, and weave with frayed threads handed to us by those who came before us.

The remedy is remembering.

Within our powerful mind lies a level of consciousness that has access to all soul memory—the history of us:

Where we've been

Where we are going

What we are learning

Our potentials

Our unique essence, medicine, and gifts

And all the wisdom we could ever need to thrive as a divine human on Earth

What if You Could Remember:

  • Your soul's power, essence, and light, connecting you back to your alchemy and creative magic

  • Your soul's true home and eliminate feelings of unbelonging on earth

  • The love of your soul family who is supporting you unconditionally and never feel alone again

  • Your soul's history and past lifetimes and timelines you have journeyed through that have memories and guidance to help you in your current life

  • Your soul's gifts, purpose for being here, and the destiny path you came here to walk

  • How to resource yourself by feeding the love/light that you are, which will then resource your life, allowing you to create your reality with ease, pleasure, and grace

  • How everything is your mirror and guide in your remembering and returning

  • How to listen deeply to the wisdom of your body as your very own divinatory tool

  • And so much more...

Through writing, video, and audio lessons, Quantum Healing Hypnosis journeys/Soul Regressions, deeply reflective journaling, and self-resourcing integration tools and practices you will be initiated to return home to your light, sovereignty, truth, love, and power as a soul living a human experience on this earth.

Your healing, your light, your unique soul's medicine is needed now more than ever. You can't waste any more time in the forgetting. It is time to remember.

This journey is for you if:

  • You are ready for healing and evolution on quantum level, awakening to your true power as a soul

  • You are ready to let go of karmic cycles and create change in alignment with your true nature and destiny path

  • You desire to get more resourced and shift from surviving to thriving as you remember your potential and power as a creator

  • You want to cultivate a deep sense of inner security to trust the mystery of life and the mystery that you are

  • You are calling in the healing of your mother wounds, stepping into harmony, union, and connection with yourself, others, and life itself

  • You want to root deeply in purpose, strengthen your intuition, and connection to Source/Soul

  • You are ready to dismantle the limitations of the mind that hold you back from stepping into your potential

  • You are WILLING and ready to commit to your soul, letting go of old stories, beliefs, cycles of suffering, and fear that hold you back from love

Module I: Welcome Home

  • Understanding your severing
  • The journey of remembering
  • Taking inventory of your connections
  • Learning to self-resource
  • Attuning to your light daily

Module II: Remembering the Mother
  • The Mother wound
  • Re-tethering to Mother
  • Reweaving Birth
  • Reclaiming the Divine Child
  • Attuning to your innocence and purity

Module III: Remembering Your Origins
  • Remembering your lineage
  • Connecting to your Soul Family
  • Weaving a map of Home and Family
  • Remembering your soul's home
Module IV: Remembering The Past
  • Weaving from the past
  • Mapping your karma
  • Past Life Regression healing
  • Understanding soul lessons
Module V: Remembering Your Light
  • Coming home to Soul
  • Remembering your purpose
  • Restoring your creative essence
  • Fertility Mapping
  • Integrating your light

Module VI: Nourishing Belonging
  • Claiming belonging
  • Mirrors of remembrance
  • Resourcing support
  • Belonging to your body
  • Becoming your own healer


  • One year of access to 6 modules of transformative audio/video/written content
  • 8 Quantum Healing Soul Regression journeys/meditations with access to download for lifetime use
  • Homework and integration practices
  • Comment threads where you can ask Ashley questions, leave feedback, and engage with others in the course

Love Notes

“Ashley is a humble and powerful guide creating a breathtakingly lucid roadmap for awakening to our eternal knowing.” - NC

"My hypnosis work with Ashley was truly life-changing. Ashley's gentle, sure voice guided me deep as I unfolded into a detailed journey that reflected challenging karmic issues at play, offering me new perspectives and resolve. This is deep, multifaceted work—almost like a combination of lucid dreaming, channeling, and self-therapy. It can only be so profound because of Ashley's exquisite care and skills. Ashley's keen power of attentiveness and firm yet soft guidance allowed me to access the fullness of the wisdom coming through. The issues I went into our work with no longer had any emotional charge just a few days later. I attribute this to Ashley's experience and expertise in holding an immaculate container for this kind of work. If you want to go deep, and you are ready to finally resolve or explore some deeply held issues, I recommend Ashley's work. You are safe and in loving hands and you will absolutely receive the transformative results you are seeking." -LW

"Working with Ashley River is always one of my favorite experiences. First receiving Soul Tattoo markings and now for hypnosis work. Ashley’s trust and reverence in the process of this work are deeply felt in each experience. Through our regression, I was able to connect to the more etheric voice of my “past”. The ME that has always been, through all spaces and times. It generated compassion and forgiveness for who and what I am in this now. It softened my judgments. It gave me an enlightened perspective of how I have been holding myself and the current circumstances of my life. The fine re-attunement I experienced while journeying with Ashley created a profound shift in my energy field. It was heavy and dense and emotional immediately post-session, which speaks to the depth of the work. After a ceremonial bath and a good night’s sleep, I awoke clear. I have continued to feel anchored and safe in my life. As with all touches of the medicine she carries, the threads of it continue to resonate and reach back to moments of our regression journey. Reminding me of the imprint made through that powerful communication with the Soul of the Universe. I am forever in appreciation of Ashley’s offerings to our world." - OH

"After journeying with Ash through Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I have felt a profound shift in my life, an opening of my soul's truth. A spark of light shining in the depths of my subconscious mind. I am still uncovering the layers of this experience of remembering. Lessons received in my past lives parallel those in this lifetime. I have been seeing the vivid imagery of myself and my surroundings of those lives daily, as a reminder of the expansiveness of my soul and the limitless possibilities I have in this lifetime. Beyond grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend it to anyone on the path to seeking their soul purpose and truth." - AK

"It is harder than I expected to to summarize such a profound experience! The experience was so much deeper and more potent than I anticipated. Prior to my Quantum Healing Hypnosis journey, I was having a major block. NOTHING seemed to help lift it. During the regression, I was able to go back to a time of remembrance that completely dissolved and transformed what I was struggling with." -DG

"This course has been my companion during the biggest life change I’ve ever made. The course is very, very deeply rooted in truth. Remembering Your Way Home helped me ground into the lands holding me, my inner child, and to my soul. I feel more connected to the mother within that I always needed and am now able to provide for myself with my soul offerings, with the support of Mother Earth. Coming home to myself has allowed me to call in a beautiful home surrounded by flowers, launch my healing practice, plus receive so much abundance, and many aligned opportunities for further expansion. I am so excited for this wisdom to reach the world. To anyone who feels called, I highly recommend you make this investment in yourself." - R

Meet Your Soul Guide,

Ashley River

Ashley River is a multidimensional artist, author, teacher, mystic, Soul guide and regression facilitator, and ceremonial tattooist. Her work is a devotion to the return to Soul and the heart of creation. Through her 1:1 work and courses her intention is to pave a path home to The Mother; the source of our infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite love, and infinite light, coming home to our true creative nature as souls.

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